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Times Herald-RECORD Review -- 10/3/08

"Amici's: Italian-American cuisine that's done well."

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Hudson Valley Bounty Festival

Best Entree First Place

Best Booth Presentation First Place

Best Appetizer - Second Place

Chef Showcase - 10/22/2008

Cooking Demonstration

Amici's "Lobster Mac & Cheese"

Here's what our customers, critics, and local chef showcases think about our food, presentation,

service, decor.

Our Customer Feedback Cards

Hundreds of cards filled out thru our fist year in business

Rating options are: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor.

(Scored 1 to 5, where 5 is excellent)


Food 4.7
Server 4.9
Service Time 4.6
Decor 4.7
Overall Experience 4.7

Our Customer Ratings and Comments

Feedback Cards - Write-In Comments

Sample comments from our customers:

  "A wonderfully surprising experience and atmosphere"

  "The food was absolutely amazing.  I loved the pumpkin bisque"

  "This will be my new favorite place !!!"

  "We keep trying different dishes and have yet to be disappointed"

  "Very enjoyable experience"

  "Server was excellent.  Food quality was top-notch.  Thanks!"

  "Wonderful; fantastic service; will highly recommend"

  "Great dinner - yummy!"

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